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Koje načine plaćanja podržavate?

март 11, 2020

Plaćanje se može vršiti pouzećem ili karticima Mastercard i Visa ili PayPal. Ako naiđete na bilo kakav problem tokom postupka plaćanja, slobodno kontaktirajte našu korisničku službu.

Takođe u Plaćanje i sigurnost

Šta da radim transakcija bude neuspešna?

март 11, 2020

This situation is very rare, you can refresh the page and try to pay again. In any case, if your account is abnormally debited repeatedly, you can contact our customer service, we will verify the situation. The extra money paid will be returned to your original payment account. 


Pod kojim okolnostima će RELX Internet prodavnica jednostrano otkazati porudžbinu?

март 11, 2020

We reserve the right to cancel your order and refund the original account if we detect one of the following vialations before the goods are shipped out or signed for:

Ordered products exceed the purchase limit with the same account.

A single account does not violate the purchase restriction, but an individual is determined (through payment account, delivery address, IP address, contact number, or other methods) to be linked to numerous accounts which cumulatively violate the purchase restriction. 

RELX receives notification from the credit card issuer or PayPal that the transaction was somehow fraudulent. 

RELX determines that the purchase was made through improper means or finds evidence that order was not made legally.  


Da li RELX prikuplja i čuva podatke o plaćanju korisnika?

март 11, 2020

Please be assured that we will not collect or store any of your payment information. As all payment processes are handled directly by PayPal (an internationally renowned payment service provider), we do not have access to your personal payment information. 


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